Monday, 26 May 2014

Two More

Sunday was totally amazing, my brother came with his family, and we spent the whole day swimming and having fun.
Today was great, even though I did not do much. We went for a swim and I hit a rock, which was very unpleasant since I couldn't see it underwater and I scraped my knee, but I was proud of myself, because I was the only one to try to swim along the river from one place to another. I also planted lots of flowers and I hope that at least some will survive. Most of the ones I planted previously have not survived the intense heat and sunlight. It is expected to become much much cooler this week, so I hope some will grow strong roots and get accustomed. I hope beyond hope that at least one or two of the red yarrow plants will survive or I will have to buy the seeds again. I've wanted the decorative yarrow for a long time.

I have to conclude that growing plants indoors is just not worth it - the melons and the watermelons that I sewed outside a whole month later that indoors are bigger and healthier than the ones in the pots inside, and the same can be said of almost all the plants.

I've spent the greatest part of the day studying programs of different universities, and I'm at a loss. I hope I'll know for sure when the time comes. There's only one thing I really want to study, but that's very costly, and that will be my last resort.

I want to mention that I've been swimming seven times this year - once in the sea, once in the little (and very cold!) stream behind our house, four times in the nearest swimming place in the River Ogre, one time in the next one, and one time - near the bridge. And it's only May! Happy days!

Excitement: 21, Boredom: 4

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