Friday, 27 June 2014

And the Counting Stops at...

52 exciting and 5 boring days!

I've been so very busy with a million things, roadtrips and gardening, and school parties, and summer solstice, and entertaining guests, and doing laundry, and cooking, and reading, and planning! I can't keep up with counting any more, but now I see that I'm bored less than one tenth of the time.
This has been a valuable experiment, because now I can pinpoint the reasons that make me feel bored. I am bored most often on Wednesdays, because that tends to be a day when I'm slacking off. It turns out it's not work that makes a day boring, it's getting nothing done. Every day has some sort of a structure - if I have a lot of work, I dig in and might feel swamped, but I'm never bored. I might feel reluctant to work if the deadline is far away, but I need something to show at the end of the day, I need that sense of having accomplished something. Loading the dishwasher does not make me feel less bored, but weeding or planting something might.
There are days when we open our doors to friends and family, and I don't really "work" per se, but I do run around a lot, making beds, cooking food and taking care of things and people. I have nothing to show for it in the evening, really, but it can't possibly be boring. So it all depends.

What makes a life exciting? Surely it must be awareness. You have to be aware of the moment and it's preciousness to appreciate it and not to waste it. Boredom = wasted time. So it's not WHAT we do on a daily bases, it's HOW we do it. A person may feel bored sunbathing on a Waikiki beach and feel completely thrilled bird-watching in the back yard. Your life is exciting when you spend your time deliberately, and not letting it pass by without a thought or care.

Some pictures from May and June.

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