Saturday, 28 June 2014

How to Keep Cats Away From Plants (and to Indulge Your Inner Five-Year-Old)

A couple of weeks ago in the Botanical Garden fair I bought two actinidia kolomikta plants - a dioecious plant that requires both male and female plants to be planted quite close together (0.5-2 metres apart). Everyone I talked to, including the seller, a very kind and pleasant old man, warned me that I had to protect the young plants from cats since they supposedly find it more irresistible than catnip or valerian.
Keksis, our three-legged predator, didn't pay any attention to the plants, but the dog was very interested in digging under them, because I took away old boards and bricks from the side of our shed, and he was absolutely certain that rats must be living there, right under the new plants. I scolded him and began researching the subject of protection.
We've spent all money on plastering the house, so I didn't have any for the garden. I looked for "little fences" on Pinterest and found some that looked really sweet. This morning I went to a nearby wood, taking the dog and the hubby with me, and cut me some osier twigs - as many as I could reach without getting my feet wet in the quagmire. It turned out - too little, but I didn't want to go back for more, so I just did with what I had.

I made two little signs from old scraps of wood and children's set of acrylic paint - just to let the dog and the cat know they are not to touch the plants (or to dig under them)! I'm not stupid, I know they can't read, so I drew them pictures! (Apart from the wrong colour scheme for the dog, the likeness is quite good, if I do say so myself!)

So there you go! My wonderful actinidia plants and protection against Keksis and Rich!

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