Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I'm a Student! I'm Sooooo Happy!

Four years of frustrated waiting, two weeks of nervous soul searching, three days of going through books of statistics and psychology, and a sleepless night translating a movie have all resulted in a full scholarship. I couldn't be happier. I can't say I'm proud at this point, it's more like I've won the lottery (only two people of all that have applied get full scholarships, so what are the odds... I could tell you if I knew how many applied, but I was so incredibly nervous I couldn't count or as much as look at the numbers on the lists). But my family is proud, and I'm so happy to hear the pride in their voices and e-mails. It feels so good...
Now it's just three years of master's studies (followed by a doctor's degree perhaps), just three years of devoting every single Friday and Saturday from morning till night to the Goddess of Psychology, then a couple years of supervised practice and then... oh, the possibilities are endless! I wouldn't put it past me to write a self-help book (on weight loss, no less!).

We had an interview and a theoretical exam which was basically translating this text into Latvian. I certainly aced the translation, but I felt I had done very badly at the interview. However, the results indicate the opposite, and I will not have to worry where to get 5100 euros to study the Thing that I love most! (My husband and children are not things. Neither is gardening. And technically nor is psychology, bet let's not get all technical.)


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