Sunday, 20 July 2014

On Sheep and Nuts

Arthur and I, and my brother's family had a great time at a fantastic homestead/guest house/deer garden. It made my brother long for his own little (or rather, quite large) house by a river, preferably a very great river with wide, sandy beaches, while Arthur and I agreed it was nice but we wouldn't want to live that way any more. It seems that homesteading is not for us at this point in our lives. It was amazing, though, to see what those people who used to call themselves absolute city-dwellers had achieved with their own means and their own hands. I think I would love to have a guest house some day, but it might take some decades - there are much too many things I still want to do before that.

This is a water power-plant at Ķegums.

The sheep of the deer park (we didn't get to see the deer up close, but the sheep more than made up for it!). I still hope to keep some sheep some day, I adore sheep!

A huge vine-tree. You can't see that in the picture very clearly, but it was the thickest one I had ever seen,

A very old and almost blind boar. We felt sorry for it because we had fed all the bread that the owners had given us to the sheep.

I saw a red hazel for the first time. Now I intend to have one in my garden, too. I think I even know the perfect spot for it.

On our way back.

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