Friday, 9 May 2014

He's Turning 40. Party, Party, Party...

Today and yesterday were more stressful than exciting, since it's the 40th birthday of the love of my life today, so his parents visited him today and we'll have 30 people tomorrow. It's a lot of fuss, and much as I like guests, I feel quite anxious. I've actually been dreading his 40th birthday for some time now, since I'm quite sure some midlife crisis symptoms are sure to surface, even though he's pretending to be untouchable.

Anyway, I had quite a lot of work today (not a lot compared to what everyday rut used to look like, but more that these last months, so these days go down as "exciting". And I had "Amazing Spiderman 2" to "correlate" (it means matching subtitles to the video), so it must have been amazing.

No time to write more. I have to do a lot of cleaning, washing, vacuuming and decorating. Tomorrow is sure to be so hugely exciting that I most probably won't have any time to post. Which is a good thing.

Excitement:5, Boredom: 3.

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