Thursday, 15 May 2014

Excitement vs Anxiety

Yesterday was very exciting, I had an animated movie to translate for dubbing, and I sent it several hours too late. So this day is unbearably overwhelming, because I can feel the anger of my colleagues from 42 km distance. There's only one thing to do - and for some inexplicable reason  it is incredibly difficult. That is - to send everything on time. In good time. It will take a drastic overhaul of my habits to do that, and I am worried beyond all measure. I can't stand the feeling that everyone hates me at the moment (to be honest, not everyone, just a couple of people, and it's not really hate, it's just some well-earned anger).

In other news, the warmth is finally here, so I should devote all my spare time for gardening and all the millions of flowers that are getting all spindly and weak on the windowsills and need to be planted outside ASAP.
That's all exciting. Really. And we are going to see a play tomorrow evening, and I'm sure I'll love it. The kids will be thrilled, too, since they will have the computer to themselves for hours and hours.

Excitement: 11 Boredom: 3
(I really need an app or some kind of counter for this, I can't keep up any more.)

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