Friday, 2 May 2014

For a Life More Exciting

This blog has been created for one purpose only - to make me see how amazing or boring my days are. In winter it seems there's just an endless streak of boredom and no excitement whatsoever. Summers are better, but only if they're not spent in front of the computer... or perhaps there's a way to combine both?

There's a saying in my native language - everyone is the blacksmith of his/her own happiness. Being a translator, I would normally smooth this line to say "you forge your own happiness", but some meaning would be lost. First of all, the word "blacksmith" makes one think of a massive, masculine, mighty man with a hammer, doing dirty, sweaty, hard work. I believe forging your own happiness must be quite hard, or the whiny human tends to overlook the happiness part. You need to know you've worked for it, or the value of the good things in your life gets greatly diminished. Second, "forge" in English is a double-bladed sword - there's also forgery involved. That might be a good thing if you believe the old "fake it and make it" mantra, but I really don't. I rather follow the "faking/suppressing emotions gives you cancer" school of thought.
I tend to think my life is pretty boring, but is it? I also tend to eat out of boredom, but do I need to?

Of course, devoting a whole blog just for patting myself on the back seems rather over the top. I am aware of that. Still, I find a lot of pleasure in writing blogs. There's also that awareness that life consists of years, and years consist of days, and so on.
Big fleas have little fleas,
Upon their backs to bite 'em,
And little fleas have lesser fleas,
and so, ad infinitum.
So - in order to make my life more exciting I need to make my days more exciting, and once I have the need to register the successes and failures in a blog, I might even try harder to make my hours more exciting.

So here's to an amazing day!

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