Saturday, 17 May 2014

Theatre, Gardening and Guests

Two absolutely amazing and fulfilled days.
I had very little sleep yesterday because of work, less than 4 hours, which was exciting, and then I spent all day gardening, which was just perfect, the garden looks irresistible. We went to the theatre, and the play was really good. My husband was forced to face his homophobia and thanks to the incredible performance of the actors had to somewhat change his ideas of homosexuals. It was, I must admit, quite funny to see a slight change and a tiny bit more tolerance in him.
We got home at half past ten, and the kids were just exhausted from playing computer all evening.

Today Arthur's sister came to us with her husband, daughter, and grandson, and we spent an amazing evening. I baked pizzas and a chocolate cake, and we had ice-cream with fruit. We talked about the subject that has lately become my absolute favourite - namely, gardening. She gave my husband a nectarine tree as a birthday present, but I'm sure it will be a present for me rather that him, since I've always wanted to try growing a peach or something like that. She gave heaps of great advice as well. I love her to bits, she's one of the people I admire the most. I really hope to see her soon again.

Excitement: 13, Boredom: 3

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