Saturday, 3 May 2014

I Want to Ride My Bicycle (Fat Bottomed Girls Make the Rocking World Go Round)

An amazing day if there ever was one!
My husband and I were invited to join a leisurely bicycle ride through the countryside and woodlands, and even though I felt apprehensive, we agreed and I'm so glad we did! It turned out that we were among the best of the bunch and I mostly kept in the front so that I could stop and take pictures. I won't include many - I don't know if our friends would mind or not. But it was absolutely great, and apart from slight discomfort (pain in the butt) I felt when I got on the bike today I don't feel any muscle fatigue at all.
And there was a party afterwards, you can be sure of it! Our Minecraft Children got a whole day of computer time and are pretty cranky today, but it was totally wort it!

Excitement: 2, Boredom: 0.

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