Saturday, 24 May 2014

So Many Amazing Days I've Lost Count (Except for Boring Wednesday)

Last Sunday we went to the seaside.
The first time this year Walter and I took a swim in the river was March 27, and the water was so very painfully cold that we could bear it for no more than a couple of seconds.
May 18 was the first swim in the sea for the four of us, even Ralph got wet - he's very sensitive to cold.

The kids have been making all kinds of housing throughout the week - I wonder if they study at all,

I've had a lot of work this week, so it's amazing. It is the difference between freezing cheap yogurt in the freezer and buying real ice-cream.
I've also done a lot in the garden. Everything's growing leaps and bounds, we've mowed the grass three times over the last seven days.

I planted a nectarine tree today. Arthur's sister gave it to him last Saturday, and I've been waiting for the perfect day to plant it since almost all the plants that I have planted at the wrong time have died. I have high hopes for this nectarine, I've always wanted a peach or something like it, and even though I know it's very fickle and hard to grow in our climate, I'm willing to cover it in winter and do all things possible to keep it strong. It's just a tiny baby now, and I had to pluck all the flowers off of it to make the roots stronger, but I'm sure it's going to look magical next spring with bright pink flowers.

My fernleaf peony (Paeonia tenuifolia plena) that I replanted last autumn has survived and has almost done blooming. I decided to take a picture while I can and not wait for a day when all the weeding will be over. I don't believe it ever will be over, since there's growing a veritable jungle in one part of the garden while I'm weeding the other.

We're short of money, and the rhubarb has unexpectedly helped me through. There's all kinds of dessert you can make using rhubarb, and I really don't know what I would do without it while there are no other fruits. (I know it's technically a vegetable, not a fruit, I know.)

This is going to be the first night of the year that the kids are going to spend outside in a tent.

I've got dozens of flowers to plant tomorrow, they're getting accustomed to the outdoors right now on the steps.

The only boring day was Wednesday, because I didn't manage to do anything at all, I just sat at the computer all day long playing some ancient games (Heroes of Might and Magic 2).
We've been to the river three times this week, and the week is not over yet, so I expect some more good swims this evening and tomorrow.

Friends are coming over tonight, so I have to go and tidy up the kitchen a bit. It's going to be an amazing night.

Excitement: 19. Boredom: 4

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